Outsider Art Jewelry is an art form similar to Tramp Art. These art forms consist of untrained artists who use unusual items to construct their pieces of art. I use pieces of old broken or cast off jewelry, hardware pieces and other found objects to construct my own style of one of a kind jewelry. I started doing this when my beloved Grandmother died and left some broken and unusable jewelry for the family. Not wanting to throw the 'valuable' pieces away, I taught myself how to reuse these sentimental pieces. After much practice, I was able to develop unique ways to construct my jewelry products. I started my business in 1995 and my jewelry has been sold in many local boutiques and art fairs. I have been featured in local newspapers and have sold pieces in the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, China, Australia, France and Croatia.





Outsider Art Jewelry is recycled, handmade, repurposed and upcycled. The pieces are made in the USA, made in Michigan, and have free USA shipping. The pieces are created from old vintage jewelry, antique jewelry, junk jewelry and other findings. Enjoy my selection of assemblage jewelry, altered art jewelry, one of a kind jewelry, limited edition jewelry, salvaged style jewelry and mixed media jewelry. Journey through my ever changing collection with romantic styling, rustic charm, vintage glamour, shabby elegance, and perfectly imperfect designs. I source, design, create, photograph, describe, list and ship all the items by myself. Buying eco-friendly jewelry from the artist is better for the economy and environment and by supporting small business, you are promoting independence, sustainability, quality workmanship and individuality. 






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